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Specification Heat Insulation Ceramic Fiber Paper RollsCeramic Fiber Paper Chemical Composition: - Typical chemical paper ceramic ceramics. Ceramic paper fibers from Ceramaterials mainly consist of high-purity alumino-silicate fibers and are made through a fiber washing process. This process controls the content of unfiberized shots to a very minimal level in paper.- Our ceramic fiber paper has a light weight, uniformity structure and low thermal conductivity, which serves as a perfect solution for high temperature insulation, chemical corrosion resistance, and thermal shock resistance.- This fiber ceramic paper can be used in various types of fire-resistant and sealing applications and is available in 3 classes with various thicknesses, widths, and temperature ratings.Ceramic Fiber Paper Applications: - Heat seal tool - Gasket - Farewell aircraft in the fireproof layer - Combustion chamber liners - Backup layer for metal troughs - Hot top layer - Thermal and electrical insulation - Isolate refractory backups - Coke oven door shake absorption media - Kiln deck car coverTemperature 1260CEngine Parts Ceramic Fiber Blanket
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