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Sootblower Set Gland Packing Non Asbestos
Chesterton 3000 Sootblower Sets are molded from an exclusive mixture containing
graphite and PTFE along with other materials. 3000 sets are designed with
a thicker than usual top ring to act as a bearing for the set and to resist extrusion.
All rings are split to go over the rod without being deformed. Exclusive Chesterton
formulation and processing allow rings to slip over rod and return to their molded
contour without cracking.
Sealing rings are designed so the top of each ring protects the ring above it. This
eliminates the majority of lip damage normally associated with early set failure.
Sealing ring lips expand inward and outward as increased gland pressure is applied.
Technical Data
Material PTFE with graphite
Applications Water, steam, acids and alkalies, solvents, and gases
Temperature Limit 260°C (500°F)
Chemical Resistance pH 0 – 14
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