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Gasket Garlock Graph Lock
Gasket Garlock Graph Lock
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Garlock GRAPH-LOCK Graphite Style 3123 3125

Garlock GRAPH-LOCK Graphite Style 3125SS

Garlock GRAPH-LOCK Graphite Style 3125TC

Garlock GRAPH-LOCK Graphite Style 3128

A pure graphite sheet. Thicknesses <1/16 "are homogeneous graphite and> 1/16" are laminated. Benefits Excellent resistance Pure exfoliated graphite flake material excels in extreme conditions, withstanding heat, pressure, and aggressive chemicals Proven fire-safe Reliable seals Seals easily under moderate bolt load, offers superior torque retention Retains dimensional stability in high temperatures; seals tightly even during pressure fluctuations Specifications: Min.

Temperature: -400 (° F) Max. Temperature: 850 (° F) Max. Pressure: 2000 (PSI)

Maximum PxT 1/16: 700,000 (° F x PSIG) Maximum PxT 1/8: 350,000 (° F x PSIG

Fiberglass cloth

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