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Gasket Valqua GF 300
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Specification of

Being entirely free from rubber, no heat
deterioration occurs, thus, GF300 can be
used for high temperature applications
(heat resisting at 300°C).
The use of flexible resin binders results in
improved properties against brittleness
and flaw compared to expanded graphite
sheet gaskets.
Water, seawater, hot water, steam, air,
acids (excluding oxidizing acids such as
hot, concentrated sulfuric acid and nitric
acid), weak alkalis, saline water solution,
oils, alcohol, aliphatic solvent and its
vapor, as well as liquefied gases
Oxidizing acids and substances
susceptible to burn such as oxygen
Connections of pipe flanges and valve
bonnets, of cover flanges and nozzles in
towers & tanks, ovens, pressure vessels
and heat exchangers used in various
factories including power stations, oil
refineries, iron works, and shipyards
〈Width × length〉(mm)
1270×1270(t 1.0, t 1.5)
1500×1500(t 2.0, t 3.0)
〈Thickness〉1.0, 1.5, 2.0. 3.0 mm
〈Color tone〉Black (print color )
Fiberglass cloth

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