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Rubber Rolls Rubber sheet roll Rubber pads made of natural rubber or synthetic rubber (neoprene) Rubber mixed materials used in the manufacture of these bearings are genuine polycholoprene (neoprene) resistant to crystallization or genuine polyisoprene (natural rubber) only as raw polymer. Elastomeric bearings made of a combination of polycholoprene and polyisoprene or other materials, which are combined in compound form, the shape of the constituent layers or other forms are not permitted. All materials must be new and not recycled taken from ready-made pads. Rubber pads as a bridge support, between girders and abutments reduce shear and vibration caused by bridge loads and other movements. By using natural rubber and neoprene materials. Applications: - Roll conveyour coating - Drum roll conveyour - Railway / Railroad Bridge - Rubber pads for concrete buildings - Rubber pads for building foundations - Parking garage areas - Sidewalks - Damper pads from impact - The base of a building structure where flexibility of rubber properties is needed - Sheet rubber for animal husbandry and as an anti vibration rubber pad (as a vibration damper pad on machines, pumps, pipes, truck layers, drinking water layers, special rubber membranes for laminating PVC vacuum press. Temperature: -35 ° C + 85 ° C
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