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Karet Silicon Sheet
Karet Silicon Sheet
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Silicone Rubber Sheet
High quality silicone rubber with good performance from anti-aging, ozone resistance, heat resistance, electrical insulation, oil resistance, solvent resistance, resistant, nonpoisonous and tasteless corrosion, pollution free. Works in air, water, oil and other media at temperatures of -60 ° C - + 260 ° C (maximum moment of 300 ° C) with high stability, reliability and active surface without sticking. Apply to hit all kinds of rubber seal gaskets or specifically for vacuum laminating PVC press, wooden door vacuum laminating press, glass vacuum laminating press, solar laminating vacuum press, hot laminating press and card laminating press and others.

Specifications: Material: 100% virgin silicone rubber from Germany or China.

class: industrial class, food class.
medical grade, FDA postcured class

Quality: high tear resistant, middle tear resistant

Surface: smooth / smooth, smooth / impression fabric, smooth / sand or double impression fabric

Strengthen: insert 1 ply cloth

tensile strength: 7-12Mpa

hardness: 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 + / - 5shore A

Elongation: 350% -720%

Density: 1.25-1.50g / cm3

tear strength: 26-42N / mm

Working temperature: -60 ° C - + 260 ° C (300 ° C when)

Thickness: 0.1-50mm width: 0.1-3.6m Length: 1-50m
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