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Specification of

PVC-U stick Wire Gray (Gray) Transparent Clear
Length of 1 meter diameter of 3 mm and 4 mm

PVC-U welding wire, for welding PVC-U plastics in the construction of chemical tanks, construction for machinery or parts of chemical equipment / chemical laboratories etc.

Plastic welding wires generally have a circular cross section, or a dull triangular (almost oval), used to unite two similar pieces of plastic.

An important aspect of plastic welding wire is the presence or absence of porosity of material that can be seen from the cross section (cross section cut).

Porosity causes trapped air bubbles (known as voids) in the welding wire, this will reduce the quality of the welding.

Porosity of welding wire material may occur in the extrusion process, due to the use of poor quality raw materials (regrind) or other materials added to provide volume impact, so as to reduce production costs to be cheaper, but the consequence is the quality of welding wire becomes unreliable.

In this case the perfect mixing and binding process between the welding wire and the plastic sheet that you want to put together becomes difficult / fails, or if forced it will result in a risk of leakage or cracking in the future.

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