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novatec® PREMIUM XP
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novatec® PREMIUM XP is the third generation of fiber­reinforced graphite gasket developed by Frenzelit. novatec® PREMIUM XP is superior to conventional fiber gaskets due to its extremely high graphite content, which makes it extraordinarily resistant with excellent residual stress.

Sophisticated process technology is used in the production of ® PREMIUM XP. In addition, the graphite morphology has been optimized as the structure of the graphite also greatly influences the sealing performance. This targeted adjustment paired with the formula’s high density enables novatec® PREMIUM XP to achieve sealing category L0,01 in typical applications and thus meet the strict criteria of TA Luft and VDI 2290. DIN EN 1591-1 compliant gasket system designs are therefore no problem with novatec® PREMIUM XP.

novatec® PREMIUM XP closes the gap between conventional fiber and graphite gaskets and offers a true alternative for applications with demanding media and temperatures up to approx. 250 °C. The material is highly compressed and has above-average residual stress, so no metal reinforcement is needed. This lack of a metal insert has a positive effect on the chemical resistance.
novatec® PREMIUM XP gaskets can be manufactured with ease – even directly on site – using all standard methods.

Another feature of novatec® PREMIUM XP is its royal blue anti-stick coating, which is effective throughout the entire temperature range with long-term stability
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