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Plastik pvc curtain
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Plastic PVC Curtain is the best solution for the problem below:

- Need a solution to maintain the ambient temperature for your cold room?

- annoyed with Insect pests / Air Pollutants / Bacteria entering your building?

- Dust, Noise, Heat, Humidity entering your place?

- upset about opening the door every time a vehicle / machine or pedestrian passes?

- Do you want a separate area for Welding Purpose?

- Do you want to maintain cleanliness in your Kitchen area?

- Want to make a clean room in your warehouse?

- Want to make environmental dust proof for the Paint Work Shop? Our products all have key features but the most important is our clarity Flexible PVC. PVC Strip curtains also reduce the value of noise, limiting noise from spreading and noise pollution.

Application of PVC Strip Curtains:

- Pharmaceutical industry

- Hotel & Kitchen Area

- dairy industry

- the packaging industry

- factory

- manufacturing plants

- cold storage

- Freeze zone

- Processing of Agricultural Products

- warehouse

- Food Processing Zones

- Health facilities Size: 2mm X 20cm / 3mm X 30cm We accept the manufacture of PVC Strip Curtain directly (Just plug it in to the door)
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