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Plastic PVC Curtain Product Specifications Sell Plastic Curtain with the following specifications 12 A. Yellow China Plastic Curtain Thick 2mm x Width 20cm B. Clear China Plastic Curtain Thick 2mm x Width 20cm C. Yellow Korse Plastic Curtain Thick 2mm x Width 20cm D. Plastic Curtain Clear Korse Thick 2mm x Width 20cm Understanding Yellow Plastic Curtains are yellow while Clear Plastic Curtains are transparent clear colors. In addition to the Plastic Curtain 2mm x 20cm width we also provide 3mm thick Plastic Curtain x 30cm Width. The difference between the Chinese Plastic Curtain and the Korse Plastic Curtain is the thickness of the material. For those with thicker Chinese Plastic Curtains, they are more tolerant, and the thickness of the Korse Plastic Curtains is really fitting. Besides the quality Plastic Curtains there are very simple below the others, but we do not recommend it because the Plastic Curtain Plastic material is sticky alias alias. While everything we sell is not sticky. Plastic curtains are generally used as A. Room dividers. B. Retaining cold air out. C. Anti special attack for Yellow Plastic Curtains Generally Plastic Curtains are used in A. Food Warehouse Drug Medicine Drug Warehouse Fruits B. Air-conditioned Room C. Office Room Bulkhead For Plastic Curtains easy installation because the system is like installing home curtains. Long story short, stay mounted on the wall, of course, by using TIE Plastic Curtains. We accept Plastic Curtain assembly so you don't have to cut it hard
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